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Kalil is from Springville, utah. A town I used to live in. Go to for some live DH racing. I'm gonna be binge watching it all day. Picture 1 is of Kalil out in front and Gerardo lagging behind. Max Dubler is also taking some pictures as you can see. Picture 2 is Kalil winning!
For those of you that don't know, daddies boardshop is holding a contest to see who's bracket will be the most correct. You pick which racer you think will win, and if they win you get a certain amount of points. The one with the most points gets a $500 daddies gift card. I have won 3/4 of the posted heats.
Update: I got 3 out of the 4 posted races correct, with Kalil, Maxim, and Matt winning for me. Safe to say I still have a chance at that $500.
So far both my picks for the Daddies boardshop bracket contest have won. Matt Kienzle and Kalil Hammouri both won their races. I hope I win that $500 daddies boardshop gift card!
wish you luck
good chances then