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Selena Gomez's "Father" is suing Justin Bieber.. here are some: -- "Bieber has cost me $426.78 and never paid me back. This money was used as abortion money because Justin Bieber got my daughter Selena pregnant in my bedroom, on my canadian bear rug." -- "Usher Raymond came to my house on the forth of july 2012 and sodomized me with a firework and lit it inside my anal area while blaring kate perry [sic] firework song in my ear drums." -- "[Bieber] gave selena a std and Bieber stole my credit card to buy him and sean p-ditty [sic] combs cocaine to use in drug free school zones." -- "Bieber also got a penis enlargement with my stolen american express card. " this is cray cray!!
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Wont they get punish for filing such?
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actually..people are too lame to try that!!
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Idk exactly if there are penalties for doing this..
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ahahahahahahaha, enlargemnt for his small weeny, ahahahahahaha :)
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