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This pic is from my highschool cheer squad's homecoming performance this year. There was a part in our routine where the squad split down the middle and I cruised through on my skateboard while Beyonce's song Drunk In Love played the "Surfboard" part. I didn't have a longboard yet but you can see I have 70mm 85A Zaza wheels on. I know it's not 100% longboard related like some of you diehards like to see but I knew there were people in the community that could appreciate how legendary this was, one of my fondest memories
The most legendary thing during a pep rally was a guy got tackled into a drumset and his skull broke open.
It was planned, it happened because I always skated to practice and had my board at practice and the girls would take turns fucking with it and falling off it during breaks and stuff and someone said as a joke, why don't you do that in the assembly and play the surfboard song? The rest is history lol @steezus
Were you supposed to do that @ThtYoungElwoodJ or did you just say "fuck it" and do it
@DanielSpazJames It was pretty sweet man everyone in the gym went fucking nuts, people say it was the best part of the assembly and I'm famous for it! lol
Wish I could have a highschool memory like that.
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