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This pic is from my highschool cheer squad's homecoming performance this year. There was a part in our routine where the squad split down the middle and I cruised through on my skateboard while Beyonce's song Drunk In Love played the "Surfboard" part. I didn't have a longboard yet but you can see I have 70mm 85A Zaza wheels on. I know it's not 100% longboard related like some of you diehards like to see but I knew there were people in the community that could appreciate how legendary this was, one of my fondest memories
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Brain spillage does tend to make for a memorable pep rally! @RichardSchafer It looks like you're hiding your face@ThtYoungElwoodJ
@drlizardo Nah I was doing a goofy dance lol, you can tell in the video
I recognize that dance anywhere @ThtYoungElwoodJ even in pictures man.
Hahaha that's awesome!
Cheerleaders :(( we don't have them in the uk it's a sorry place lol