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I've heard of quivers but helmet quivers? That's to many helmets.
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@drlizardo I got a triple 8 brainsaver. I want a full face. And maybe another helmet that is custom.
A lot of people say that unless you go super fast you don't need a fullface. I have a fullface. I don't use it all the time but when downhilling it is such a confidence boost.
I need a new helmet, probably gonna get a trip 8 brainsaver @RichardSchafer the helmet I have now doesn't fit right and it's not certified.
@Steezus spend the extra n get a Burn, legitimate hard hat and they're more comfortable man.
@steezus I like my triple 8 brainsaver it's comfortable, it's red and black. I was thinking about getting a predator but I got this for Christmas and I like it.