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Bustin L 3 Mystery Box!
41 in yoface bgdk 37.5 in maelstrom 180 mm Paris trucks bustin swifts 70 mm 75a hat, bag, stickers, skate tool and 2 sets of hardware I'm stoked!
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@womanator gotta use what I have for now. my options are biggie hawg prototypes, Churchill white owls or otang 4presidents
3 years ago·Reply
@Ghostoftheswift use the white owls or 4prez for now. Id say look into lil hoots or peewees also.
3 years ago·Reply
i. added a pic of the complete set ups
3 years ago·Reply
that's a beautiful new Maestro you have there!
3 years ago·Reply
Wait everything but bearings?
3 years ago·Reply