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Welcome to 2015 everyone!!! :) I hope 2015 brings many blessings to each and every one of you ^^ This weeks playlist challenge is from my little sister @jiggzy19 who suggested that we do a crazy feels playlist, so any songs that give you a feels attack, or if your like me leave you sitting in the corner with your knees pulled up rocking back and forth and drooling from the mouth (JK XD) more like jumping up and down trying not to scream (too loudly), or lying on my bed trying to breath, possibly looking like I've just run a marathon lol, I already know my list is going to be tough to cut down to ten songs :/ still this is gonna be fun :) If you can't think of any songs that cause feels attacks for you, then don't worry, there will be another challenge at the end of next week!! When you make your playlists don't forget to tag me (@MattK95 & @jiggzy19)so we don't miss it and I can add it to the collection! :D Remember it doesn't just have to be K-pop! Also there has been a recent issue where a large amount of Kpop music videos won't play on Vingle, annoying I know, but you should still be able to click the watch on YouTube button when this issue comes up :) Next weeks playlist is courtesy of our friend @nenegrint14 and it's going to be really tough! Remember if you have any ideas for a playlist challenge send them to me in a PM (Private Message) @kpopandkimchi @honeysoo @danidee @aabxo @chasinghapiness @Cryomorph @Christy @jiggzy19 @nenegrint14 @sherrysahar @cassandratomas7 @Allyphernelia @PassTheSuga @SakuraBlossom96 @Aero2042 @callmekaren and of course anyone reading this can join in :) sorry if I forgot to tag anyone feel free to tag anyone in the comments :)
I CAN'T WAIT TO DO THIS ONE. Especially since the first song that popped into my head was "Alone" aka me and @MattK95's ultimate jam.
@jiggzy19 technically as many as you like XD
@MattK95 Okay. Thanks (:
@aabxo yeah still asian pop only, but any genre within that, as long as it gives you feels :)
Are we including any genre here then? Lol
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