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My new homemade Maple and Walnut Pintail!

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@drlizardo its not like a witch hunt at all, it's just common sense. He said he's downhilling on a pintail, without a helmet. Thats not good.
not trying be harsh haha, just watching out for another member of the longboarding community :) not exactly a safe sport.
Doing DH on a pintail sounds scary as hell, make sure you got your safety gear if you're doing that @BradSBadEmd helmet, gloves, pads, the works.
the idea of his post was hey look I made this lol @steezus
Jesus you're a walking dead man. Don't take pride in that. Earlier you said mild downhill. How have you taken this up to 40mph? And going 40 without a helmet is a death wish. A simple mistake could end your entire life. There are lots of easy mistakes. Even for experienced riders. Go look up bails,bails, bails, by the S1 helmet guys. Scare yourself into not being a dumbass. @BradSBadEmd
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