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Have you set your resolutions yet? I'm not usually big on making them, but this list from Gear Junkie inspired me to adapt the 10 given to my own personal goals. Here's the list, and my own personal take on what I hope to accomplish related to the goals this year! #1 — Face Your Fears: I've yet to try any sort of extreme jumping -- by the end of the year, I either want to bungee jump, take a sky dive, do something! I might have to adjust this based on finances, but I think it's definitely doable. #2 — Run Without Music: For me, this might just have to be "run." And then I'll take away the music :) #3 — Run Farther: See #2 haha. #4 — Visit Another Culture: I've traveled quite a bit, so I'll have to get creative, but I'm thinking about South America! I don't think I can make the trip this year, but I'll make my goal to plan my trip to South America! #5 — Swap Your Skis for a Snowboard (or Vice Versa): I already use both? Ha! So I'll make the goal to be decent at all with either of them. #6 — Put in Some Work: Clean up a trail or two. I'll make it a goal to volunteer with trail cleanups at least 5 times this year! #7 — Put Your Camera Down: Easy enough! I'll just enjoy the look of the places I go, and not worry about getting a photo! #8 — Help Others Get Outdoors: Hmm, I'll have to figure out how to do this one. How about some family hikes this year? My cousins and uncles would love that! #9 — Take Someone With You: See #8! I'll also try to join some hiking meetup groups--who knows who I'll meet? #10 — Volunteer at a Race: Sounds good! Since I'm not the best runner, anyways. What are your outdoors goals for the year?
@happyrock Great. So the point isn't necessarily to go to another country, but just someone beyond what you're accustomed to. Love that idea!
@BrianMcNeeley will do! @treedweller anywhere that's different from your norm counts, I think :)
Totally am down to do this! I don't think I'll have too much trouble either if I plan well. As far as another culture, can I count Canada, or is that not cool?
Will agree with @yakwithalan as I had to give up hunting already as it interfered with my fishing . Lol Let us know how things go for ur goals . @happyrock
Mine are all quite a bit less extreme than yours (no jumping out of planes for me....probably just more fishing!) but thanks. I needed to set some goals for myself.