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my new board #love

shes beatifull with that bamboo cover and glass cored wheels i fell in love with her at first sight took her out and baught her some new abec 7 bearings and she rides and slides like a dream maybe a little choppy but i still love her c:
nice! looks pretty fun. I don't know much about arbors longboards I've only ever ridden their snowboard haha. Very cool man
Best i've ridden so far havent ridden much but i do love it @mpoblete
Sweet looking board
haha I guess so, I'd love to know how the new board is! maybe drop a review or something? this community needs more of those. I would do one but I can't because of snow at the moment :(
thanks man and iv never been snowboarding so were somewhat even lol looks fun though @3rdtactical
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