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What the heck is hydro-speeding?
I've been bodyboarding. Cool, a little scary, but cool! I recently heard of river boarding (which is basically body boarding in white water, rather than surf). And today I hear about hydrospeeding, which is basically river boarding but with a different kind of board. What context did I hear about it in? Well, from guys that hydrospeed on glaciers. Yep, glaciers. Those big frozen landscapes. In glaciers, there's a lot of melting and moving, so you get glacial lakes and streams, which is where the hydrospeeding action takes place! Hydrospeeding is already crazy as it is (I attached a few videos of some intense hydrospeeding action at the end...it's sick!!!) but doing it in such dangerous conditions? Just wow. No wonder there's only a few guys in the world that do it!
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I thought it was going to be more riding down glaciers and less floating in a cold river. Still awesome though!
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@TeamWaffles Yeahhh I thought the same thing,b tu the glacier version is so crazy! Apparently it was hard to get there even just for the pictures, let alone to make video as well! Hopefully, we can see some someday
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