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Earlier this week, Mont Blanc debuted a smart watch alternative....maintaining the styling of a traditional watch while adding some tech goodies on the back side of the wrist. I, for one, am a watch aficionado and I have a variety of luxury and sport watches. Just today, I was commenting to a colleague of mine that I thought my watches felt abandoned. ..since the only watch that I've worn for the past couple of months have been my smart watches/fitness trackers. I think Mont Blanc has taken a step in the right direction to reacquaint tech consumers with their classic watch collection without sacrificing their connectivity. take a look and tell me what you think?
Dan you are the man. What next. Good information. It could work for me even though the price is kind of steep.
I definitely like the style of this watch. I'm not a watch person, but I would feel the same way if this were happening with another accessory. Looks like a good alternative
@WAYNEPiper Yea, you gotta have some serious money to get the watch, itself, and the band is enough to by a smart watch, alone. This got me thinking about another alternative that may be more versatile in adding smartwatch functionality to your existing watch collection. More to come!