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This beautiful video shows the disappearing art of making books from hand. Not just the writing aspect, no, but the craft of taking the pieces of a book we take for granted and turning them into what we know as a completed book! This craft is disappearing, becoming quickly irrelevant in today's publishing world, and I find that desperately, horribly sad. Where could one go to learn a skill like this? It's a skilled trade, so it's not exactly something you could go to college for. Plus, the cost of a printing press would make it almost impossible for the casual person to do it on their own.... What will be the norm of the publishing world tomorrow, as we move away from books and into ebooks and beyond...?
@sanityscout I'll have to search for community classes, then, at least to go observe or watch an artisan make them. It seems like a really long, but fun, process.
I've been wanting to take a bookmaking class for so long! There are actually college classes for bookmaking in certain universities - my friend took one at Brown, think. You can also find community classes sometimes, in certain cities. Many poets bind chapbooks themselves, by hand, and print them. You can actual get smaller printing presses for less than the professional ones. Don't despair! Printing and bookmaking is definitely not inaccessible to everyday people, it just takes a little learning and finding.