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Prompt: Include this phrase in your next piece... "When winter draws near, and icy gusts rattle your shutters, you will see my face in the fire." eel free to share your story or poem or piece in the comments, or as their own card. Share the link here if you make your own so that we may all enjoy your work! Let's get writing!
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@OmerTurco I just read that poem, but I didn't realize it was a response to this! Nice! You did the prompt so well I didn't even realize you were doing it :)
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@hikayumm I was just thinking the same thing for you! I had no clue this was a response to a prompt! It felt really natural and original. Every line flowed perfectly and didn't seem forced at all.
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@KaitlynnJanae Really? Ah, thank you! Great to hear :) I had read the prompt a few days before, and the poem came to me after it sat for a while, so I guess that helped it from feeling too much like a stretch.
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