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Hi hi hi! I just wanted to introduce myself if I haven't alerady been able to talk to you guys :) I will be the Kpop Party Planner this quarter, helping out @kpopandkimchi @MattK95 @jiggzy19 and @aabxo as Kpop Community Staff! Hopefully our "parties" will be more fun than Dongwoo's surprise party in this gif HAHAHA This quarter we'll be having a lot of fun events so I want to get to know each and every one of you! A little about me: I'm from California, I have been into Kpop for about 5 years now (holy cow!) and I looove chatting with other Kpoppers (no one around me really liked kpop so I make my friends here haha) Favorite groups: OBVIOUSLY EXO (specifically Kyungsoo hahaha) Infinite!! VIXX! BTS Sistar I am getting more and more into indie music too so maybe I'll start posting a bit about that too? I'd love it if everyone could introduce themselves so that I could fill this collection with a bunch of fun introductions from our community members :) Happy 2015!
We are we are @danidee (:< Along with @Jigzzy19 Thank you
@danidee thanks so much :)
@MattK95 Are you and @aabxo really K-Pop Community staff??! How cool! Congratulations ^^
Look forward to working with you @honeysoo ^^