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Get Mindy's Chic NYC Apartment from The Mindy Project!
Okay, so you probably can't get Mindy's New York apartment. No one can - it's a set =P No one can stop me, though, from buying a few pieces that can help my place look almost as awesome as Mindy's super-chic digs in the Big Apple. Thankfully, POPSUGAR assembled some shopping suggestions to help me do that. Some are a little pricey - but honestly not as a bad as I thought they would be: 1. Orange Drapes: $69 http://www.babybedding.com/solid-orange-drapes 2. Calais Aquamarine Chandelier: Definitely the priciest at $399 http://goo.gl/2ZLymy 3. Agate Bookends: $69 (The pink ones weren't available - so I chose these blue ones) http://goo.gl/7vu4QB 4. Broken Social Scene Poster: $25 http://goo.gl/f4kDjm 5. Chinoiserie Long Pillow: $44.99 http://goo.gl/fCRl3U