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Hello everyone! So this is my crazy feels list...it's 5 parts long...oops XD All of the following songs give me crazy electric feels...I just can't! XD (I don't know why these songs give me feels but they do)!! They are not in any particular order!! Warning: Not all K-pop! 1. There Is A Place - Wu Yi Fan He goes by the name of Kris Wu on iTunes! 2. Look Here - BTS Rap Mons rap...help me!!!!!! ^ ^ 3. I loved...Have No Regrets - Gummy 4. The Baddest Female - CL Solo 5. Masayume Chasing - BoA 6. Don't You Know - Davichi Iris II OST 7. Monster - Cheon Dung/Thunder 8. Missed Call - Jung Joon Young 9. Good Boy - GD&Taeyang 10. What's Happening - B1A4 Stay tuned for the other 4 parts!! Lol! (I will post the next one tomorrow)! All credit goes to the owners of these videos! (I do not own these videos)! I hope you liked it! Sorry if the videos don't play! (you might have to look some of them up yourself if they don't play) :) @MattK95 <3
@christy your welcome! thanks! :)
woow thanks for kris song it's amazing. and all ur list super
Wow this was fast I haven't even started putting mine together yet XD
Wu Yi Fan made my playlist too :) ahhhhhhh the feelzzz lol you've got some great stuff on here....looking forward to the next parts!!! @jiggzy19
@PassTheSuga Thankyou!!