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so about 4 weeks ago i ate the ground pretty hard with my new baffle 37 but it was okay until the nextday when if fel on the exact same spot on my hip now fastforward to present day where my hip still hurts i probably have a bonesplinter in my hip so this wendesday i have an apointment to get an echo and xray still shredding tho
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11 comments MBS hillbilly hip pads, may be worth the investment for you, they're a liitle known protective gem that everyone bashes and says are for pussies, but hey, whatever it takes to keep the steez going
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You might not want to keep skating until after the appointment. I know it's super fun but sometimes you have to give it up. Even though it could just be a bruise, if it is anything worse then you really don't want to skate on it and risk more just so you can skate.
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Hope it's just bruised.
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Get some bum savers or butt pads they help
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@ThtYoungElwoodJ is right. People bashing safety gear is also very dumb. If you're afraid to be safe because of being called a pussy then just stop skating. Safety gear boosts your confidence a lot and let's you push your limits which in turn lets you learn a lot more things.
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