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Build The Chest of a Warrior
Warrior Chest Routine | GYM FLOW 100 http://bit.ly/1EZnkou
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Every time I click the link I'm just taken to the picture. Could you please post the information on the card?
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When I first started lifting seriously about year and a half ago, I strived most for having a Greek god-like chest. I did not see much gains in my chest at all to start, but after experimenting with various routines and exercises, I finally found what worked best. After following this routine for not a very long period, I started seeing a lot of improvement in the pecs. For those of you trying to construct a really good looking chest, but are struggling, I highly recommend this routine. It has worked wonders for me and I hope it does for you too. Flat Bench: 1×10, 1×8, 1×6, 1×4, 1×2 (pyramid up in weight) Please read the rest of the article and watch the video accompaniment, here: http://gymflow100.com/warrior-chest-routine
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