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Dear Vinglers, thank you for participating in Vingle's First Official Giveaway Event We are happy to announce the winners for Vingle's First Official Giveaway. -Grand Prize- neaa belleselena soula81 thewanderer -Special Prize- agneslady95 Lee934 aminosaify aliceinonewland fitriamalia Congratulations on winning! Please send your address to and confirm the party of your choice for the prize by 10/26 EST. Thank you for participating in our event and hope you will continue to support Vingle! :)
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Dear winners, your prizes have been sent out. Hope you'll will receive them soon. Thanks for participating in our event and happy vingling!
5 years ago·Reply
thanks..looking forward to it!
5 years ago·Reply
thank you vingle the prizes already coming :D
5 years ago·Reply
i just got the gift..its so pretty..tons of thanks!
5 years ago·Reply
Hi all, glad to hear you got the prizes :) Feel free to post the picture or vingle about it here.
5 years ago·Reply