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Trucks: Gold bear grizzly 852's (181 mm) Wheels: Orangatang Keanu's (66mm, 38mm contact patch, 86a) Bearings: Mini logo's Bushings: Orangatang Nipples (Medium) Board: Landyachtz 2013 Loco 37 (duh) I got this board in the Landyachtz mystery box ($150) and I'm pretty happy with it. With the stock bushings, it was pretty bad though. It was super turny even if I tightened the trucks WAY too much, so I bought the nipples and since then it's been great! This board is great for freestyle and some freeride. Its a pretty lightweight board so its easy to throw around if you're into tricks. Its also really easy to get locked into a manual on this board, I've been having a lot of fun with it. The board has some concave, so you get pretty locked in for freeride. I also do some light downhill on this board. I wouldn't do any heavy freeride or downhill on the loco (thats just me though, you do whatever you like) because its basically a large skateboard. You wouldn't take a regular skateboard to maryhill, would you? I would NOT dance on this board. It's pretty small, 37 inches isn't that much space to get your funk on. I would not do LDP on this board, it comes pretty high off the ground even with 66 mm wheels. It's okay for a cruise around town, like 15 miles but anything beyond that wouldn't be very comfortable. Overall, I give the Landyachtz 2013 loco 37 an 8/10. It's pretty high off the ground, so LDP is more difficult than it has to be. Other than that, its a damn good board. (I'm probably gonna get new trucks though, the bears are not that great. If anybody has a truck recommendation besides Paris, hit me up. I already have a ton of Paris trucks.) Video of me and my manly jesus hair doing a tiger claw on this amazing board: I got a kickass Bad Mother Fucker wallet too, just thought I'd throw that in.
Not a bad board @olivevesey !!
Wow ok totally wrong when I said that. I found it and it's not a blue bear it's a brown grizzly and it's called Peacemaker Grizzly
Jimmy Riha just liked 2 of my Instagram pictures, I can die happy now
Love the picture on it
Thanks. I wanted something with a little bit of a different style than the one I have right now
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