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Plastc - The only card you'll ever need to carry
I was extremely excited when I saw this concept for the first time. Scan or enter all your credit cards and loyalty cards into one device that's the size of a single credit card. with encryption, NFC, and a touch screen e-ink display...this may truly be the only card that you ever need to carry. I'm a little concerned about the overall security and hackabiluty of this card device as opposed to using an epay option on your cell phone, as you would actually have to let someone take this card with them for payment. Thoughts? Would any of you use this device?
Interesting! I'm also skeptical about the security, but I'm curious nevertheless. I've been trying out phone payment systems
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Yea, @sanityscout....it looks like it has password protection and encryption built in, but how secure would that be if someone got a hold of it. I need to see some third-party testing before I go all in on this.
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This would be awesome, in my opinion. I would rather use this than my phone to pay for things. Also, more space in my wallet. I'm looking forward to updates on this.
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