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Make your cozy couch pillow in 5 minutes! No sew require and you only need two materials to put this together. Supplies: • Throw Pillow • Stretchy Sweater Tip: Make sure the bottom of the sweater is stretchy and not loose. Slightly longer sweaters work best. Choose a pillow that fits very snugly inside the sweater. Steps: • Stuff the pillow inside the sweater, stopping an inch below the underarm seam. • Pull the sleeves from the back of the pillow and wrap them around the front of the pillow, knotting them together in the center. Fold back the cuffs if desired. • Turn the pillow upside down to expose the bottom hem of the sweater. • Tuck in one side of the bottom hem. Tuck in the other side to form a little pocket. • Turn the pillow on its opposite side to expose the neckline of the sweater. • There should be a little pocket that was formed on the back of the pillow after you knotted the sleeves in the front. Tuck the neckline of the sweater inside this little pocket so that it is hidden.
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