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In no particular order!! Warning: Not all K-pop!!! 1. I'm Him- Mino (WINNER) 2. Love Options - BESTie 3. Don't Look At Me Like That - Song Jieun 4. Forbidden Love - U-KISS 5. Gotta Talk To You - Seungri 6. Hold On Tight - SISTAR 7. MTBD - CL Solo 8. Time And Fallen Leaves - Akdong Musician 9. AINI - Kimberley Chen This MV is...interesting but the song is pretty! :) 10. Rewind - Zhoumi ft.Chanyeol I love the Chinese version with Tao too! Ok so that was part 2 of 5! I hope you liked it! :) All credit goes to the owners of these videos!! (I do not own these videos) Sorry if the videos don't play! (You might have to look some of them up yourself if they don't play)! <3 :) @MattK95
I'm Him makes me feel so cool hahah I listen to it and I swear I start to strut
ooh ur playlists t super. especially u kiss forbidden love . This song before the cool dong ho leave them
These songs ^^ Aghhh I love them so much !!!