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I highly recommend this parenting book by Meg Akabas. It's been a really big help for us and is structured to be very digestible. The book is divided, as advertised in the title, into 52 portions, so you get one chapter (on one piece of advice) per week. Now is actually a perfect time to start reading it, as a project for 2015! The bite-sized advice chapters are in line with the philosophy of the book, which is to offer parents practical, effective and reasonable suggestions that you can actually have a real hope of achieving. She covers all kinds of topics real parents face from sleeping, siblings, being respectful, having self-control, and other useful areas. I've read ahead a little bit, but I'm going to try to slow down and really do it one chapter per week, so that I can have the appropriate amount of time to really process that week's suggestions. There are so many books out there overloaded with theories and long-winded methods that we found this book to be very refreshing and its lessons doable. I've also included the video of a great talk the author did at Google - listen for yourself and see if it helps!
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I'll have to check this out ...and watch that talk at Google. I get pretty sick of some parenting books, but this one does sound promising!