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I personally have really liked this game so far. I really think it is fun and you can just mess around and level up by yourself or with your friends. In my eyes to only down side is the fact that you can't play unless you have PlayStation plus or for xbox, xbox live :(. If i could rate the game, so far I'd say 7/10 it's pretty good it just could be a bit better :) does anyone on here own a PS4 and have destiny? im a level 4 right now on my hunter, and I'd really like it if someone would level up with me :) but if not that's okay.
This is my favorite game of the year, it received a lot of flak for it's story and I agree that it's not really there. The end game content is what makes it so great!!I I have 3 characters, a lvl 30 hunter and lvl 30 titan as well as a lvl 25 warlock. If you need help, explanations, or just want someone to play with then let me know! I play on PS4 as well @mikusarah
I'm going to buy it this week - I'm so excited! I'm actually getting it for PS3, because we haven't sprung for the PS4 yet (we'll probably have to stop resisting at some point - better start saving!). Glad to hear you're enjoying it - I've heard good things so far.
@Pureheart517 it'll be around 4ish i have a dentist appointment i forgot ))):
Alright sounds good to me! @mikusarah
@Pureheart517 I'll accept when i get home from school i don't have a mic though i refuse to use the one that came with it but i do have Skype I'll pm it to you and we can level up together my hunter is low and i think my other is a titan? i don't remember my friend made it lol
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