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There is no denying the importance that data has been given recently in almost everything we do. Recently, Facebook unleashed its idea of using all of our posts to amplify its big data pool (huge violation of privacy rights, but that is a different topic). Sports have seen a huge change towards executives who favor analytics over just “feelings.” Finance has continued to enlarge its reliance on big data, while content marketing is also making a big change. The following is how a content marketer can start to use data (and maybe big data, if your team has the capabilities) to create the right content at the right time. 1) Big Data cannot be scalable nor practical if done by people. There is a rise in data scientists but they are not the real important parts. The real important area comes from algorithms that break down the data into easier to understand patterns. 2) It is recommendable to investigate into many of the rising (if not large) data analysis companies. This might make it more plausible for a small to medium sized company, like us, to actually be able to employ big data. 3) Content marketing through big data can be done in a variety of ways. It seems though that the common things may be things like following: a) Keyword progressions b) Universal search standing c) Local SEO d) Social SEO e) Mobile SEO (don't really know much what this means, so if you have thoughts please share it) f) Global SEO g) SEO ROI As far as viral marketing/content marketing, these may be some of the basics of the data that we need to track in order to apply big data mentality. Of course, there is a lot I am missing. 4) This may not be plausible, unless one creates an idea of what data they want want, the reasoning behind it, and how the data can be applied.