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any tips? anyoone
Dude PLEASE record all your runs. You and your crew are tight, and way good. Theres just something about watching real people really boarding, more entertaining then these paid pros and staged vids. Idk im weird. But i really enjoyed. Thanks man
That was good!!! Can I suggest using a different camera angle though? The angle would be fine for just one steep hill, but if you want us to see them slides you'll have to change it. Thats the only problem I'm seeing with this video. Maybe get a pole, or do a follow car type angle.
thanks for the love
Nice start and yeah I was thinking someone to follow you or get in front even...maybe try the go pro stick or make yourself one. Was nice and clear though and the music worked looks like you've got a good crew
I feel the same way @IsaacPaulR it's not sped up or all fake looking. One more thing @topher420 I didn't see much of it in this video, but don't do so many nature shots. People want the skating, and thats basically it. (Some nature shots are okay but limit them.)
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