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Oh man, I just watched another really funny episode of Conan's "Clueless Gamer" segment. He's reviewing Resident Evil 6 before its release, and to me the funniest part is how nonchalantly he plays it. I'm always jumpy and half-terrified when I play Resident Evil! I guess if I had a bunch of cameras pointed at me it might be different. It was so interesting to see someone play it who had no clue at all about the Resident Evil storyline, apparently not even from the movies. That's hard to believe from Conan! But it sure made his commentary funnier when it came to the plot. When you see it that way, it does seem like a pretty drawn-out backstory development and not enough zombie-killing. It was pretty hilarious, though - hope it gives you some laughs!
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Yeah I can't believe Conan has no previous experiences with the Resident Evil story line, I thought a lot of people had seen the movies!