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Another is about a boy named kouichi sakakibara. Kouichi is put in a classroom that is "cursed" but come to find out he was talking to the "ghost" of the class (mei misaki). This my friends is where everything went wrong. Everyone starts dying ayee. The ending is a complete mind fuck, at least it was for me. Basically this is a gore/horror based anime. (There is a death scene with the photos) If i rated it i would say 8/10, i liked it very much but after i watched other gore animes it went down a bit on my scale. This anime is on the shorter side around 12 episodes. SIDE NOTE: I wanted to start something to post about that would be easy for me. Of course something with anime is easy so I'm doing this. Also there will be a bunch of horror animes because that is what i mainly watch BUT please recommend animes and i may watch them if i haven't yet. Thanks :)
Oooo... @nenegrint14 loves this one, too! I'll probably start watching it within the next couple of weeks.
I didn't even know that horror anime was a genre. I'm still getting into anime, but this might be the first horror anime I try out.
Oh, and if you like horror anime you might like Shikabane Hime - have you seen it yet? I posted about it: http://www.vingle.net/posts/621927
@danidee i highly recommend it, it was my first horror anime as well~ :)