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I want to share this super easy DIY chip dip using your Kraft™ Cheez Whiz. This is the simplest dip I made with the stuff I found in our kitchen. Ingredients: -1 tomato (diced) -Cheese (diced) -2 teaspoons of Cheez Whiz -Pepper -Seasoning granules Just mix it all together and now you have an instant dip perfect for chips you have at home. The ingredient is so easy to find in your kitchen. This is perfect when you just want a quick snack especially if you don't feel like going outside. Do you have other chip dip ideas? Share your thoughts! Over and out! Note: This is not sponsored.
I think this would taste delicious with tortilla chips!
Ha1 I haven't used Cheez Whiz in a million years! This sounds delicious :)
this would be better with queso cheese and salsa with a squeeze of lime juice. no cheess wiz lol