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The hair is supposed to absorb nutrients from the food we eat and hence it is not surprising that certain food that we consume can result in a higher chance of having hair loss! For purification of toxic in our body to take place, it is recommended to take food such as seaweed, green vegetables and fresh salad. On a personal note, ten recommendations are: 1) as the hair is made of protein, add protein to the diet such as meat and diary products 2) consume more vitamin c which can be found in citrus fruits such as ornages, lemons and green peppers 3) increase intake of iron which can be found in liver, apricots and raisins 5) drink more water to hydrate the hair 6) reduce alcoholic beverages 7) consume natural foods such as yam which contain hormones 8) consume vitamin e to grow hair 9) quit smoking to encourage hair growth 10) take in vitamin a for chinier hair as it spurs hair growth. food rich in vitamin A include eggs, kale, squash and carrots