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Okay she just left! Han jimin wearing sweat pants and a hooded Top, looking like a total commoner! She smiled and said Bye! How Cute! ********************************** Han jimin's Hairstylist, who also appear in GET IT BEAUTY show just left! I think Jimin will also appear soon! *********************************** JANGHYUK looks so handsome in the suit >< *********************************** Actor JANG HYUK just came too!!!!!!! oh my god!! What's going? is this an Add photoshoot with both Han jimin and Jang hyuk or what? Photo3: Actor Janghyuk's Luxurious Car. ********************************** I got luckt this morning! I just met Rooftop Bak-ha's Han jimin! She just went to this studio on the basement of this building around Neonhyun station Area, where i happen to work out! I will keep updating this Card as more things happen! STAY TUNED! Im so EXCITED right now >< Wish me good luck to get a photo of her face Argh! Photo1: Han Jimin's car. Photo2: Studio she went in+staff & makeup artists.
I read that Queen In-hyeon's man's crew also did their press conference in Nonhyeon! Seems like it's a place that stars come often kkkk
This is around Nonhyeon station, near Gangnam!!
i am close to Nonhyeon! where are they!!!
ahhh... where is it????