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Library by Danae Falliers

One place I can never seem to get creative and capture something great, in a library. Photographer Danae Falliers takes her next project inside the Rem Koolhaas-designed Public Librar, photographing the building and its endless walls of books. Due to low lighting conditions in the library, the text along the spines tends to disappear in Danae's photography. The books and shelves started to lose form, and take on an abstract form. Danae began playing with this idea, digitally manipulating and enhancing the photographs until they became even more abstracted from their original form. Here are a few of Danae's poignant words about this project: "I am intrigued by ideas of transience, transcendence, and impermanence. I’m interested in the co-existence of movement and stillness, color and pattern, realism and abstraction, flatness and depth. My work explores the evolution of the perceived landscape, created in part by the pervasive acceleration of images in modern life, which in turn has exponentially intensified and dulled our cognitive understanding of our environments. My pieces show the fleeting nature of transition, difficult to grasp but known to our perception, recognizable to our consciousness and memory."
@stargaze I can see what you mean. The loss of detail through the blurring of the lines made by the books and shelves seems other worldly. I can see how the expansed space can be similar to a photograph of a 5th dimensional space. Also I realize that Interstellar uses a bookcase in the 5th dimension, I just wanted to point this out :)
This reminds me of the fifth dimension from Interstellar.
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