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No one want to carry a baggage post-college. Unfortunately, many of us have to graduate with loans to payback. I've seen some friends paying it off within a year and some takes years to pay back do to financial mistakes. Here are some ways to avoid the post-college nightmares! 1. Limit your debts. After graduating you might want to get your own place, however if you don't have the financial ability fight the urge to use a credit card to finance your living. 2. Limit yourself to one credit card. Credit card can build credit history, but don't use it as an excuse to go overboard. However, even with a credit card try and use cash for most purchases. 3. Start saving your money. It's wise to start while in school. Developing an early saving habit will help you out post-college. Ideally, everyone should have a 3-6 month cash reserve in case of emergency. 4. Take advantage of work-study. Some college students don't look for work until after graduation. If you can save up while in shcool, go for it! In addition, you can add some experience to your resume. Double-win! 5. Set a budget. Keep your spending under control with a budget. You can set a weekly or monthly limit to avoid over spending.