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Shelves are useful for small space. Since they are intact to the wall it display an illusion of a bigger room. It also adds character to your home. Here are some ways to decorate your shelves. 1. The classic display - books on shelves. 2. Magazines racks are outdated. Don't collect your magazines, instead recycled the ones you don't need and save your current reads on the shelves. 3. Don't want to hang artworks on the wall and make a mess? Display them on top of a shelf! 4. I have a collection of kitchen wares and they look so much better out than stored inside a cabinet. 5. A gardener's favorite. Displaying their plants on shelves. 6. If you have a lot of little items that don't have a place to be. Shelves are great to display them. Which one is your favorite?
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All the shelves decor are gorgeous. I especially like the art display idea.