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Soooooo the approach I took to this playlist is I attempted to split it into songs that get me amped and/or caused me to fangirl vigorously....and songs that create an internal emotional storm. So without further ado...here's the amped portion of my playlist. 1. Loco__No More Those of you who have checked out my playlist before should know that I have an affinity for AOMG and Loco lol....this song is just so good. And this live version for Tablo's radio show cracks me up. My fangirling is a mashup of Tablo and Simon D. 2. Taeyang__Ringa Linga This song....when it first dropped I had an out of body experience. The choreo is insane. Beats so sick it makes me wanna throw up....its so good lol. YB is one of my biases and uggghhh he's just so....well you know what I mean lol. 3. Block B__ Very Good When Block B had a comeback with this song after everything they had been thru....I was soooooooooo amped. The sound bit from Animal House in the beginning hooked me in.....lol love that movie. Don't judge me hahaha. But Block B came back with a bang looking fine blowing up banks and ish. Did not disappoint. 4. Kim Hyun Joong ft Jay Park__Unbreakable The beginning of this video with the drums and then it kicks in and then it just works you for real....lol the video is visually amazing. Even the hook with the slight mispronunciation...unbreakabur....its still a hot track. 5. BTS__We Are Bulletproof Pt 2 Seriously this song ripped my face off....the beat itself just attacks you and the video....my god...the video leaves you wondering who the hell are these boys and where can I get one. 6. Vixx__ Voodoo Doll I loooooooove the choreography for this song...and the morbid concept of the video. Just all of it....its soooo good. 7. F(x)__ Red Light F(x) just has this sound that is all their own....there's a signature funkiness to their beats. I've come to love them. And this song and video....it was just so good. 8. M.I.B__ Dash This group is so underrated. I love them. They put out good music....good videos....they come up with super simple choreo that anyone can do. They're just awesome. The Men In Black concept for the video cracked me up....and ugh Cream looks so good. 9. G Dragon__ Crayon What can I say? Its G to the D boy.... 10. Supreme Team__ Dang Dang Dang If you don't feel something during this song....I don't wanna be your friend lmao. 11. Super Junior__Mamacita My entire family knows the chorus to this song....mother and father included lol. Its on all my daily playlists. I love this songgggg. 12. Taemin__Danger This song and video did things to me. I had always stayed away from Shinee BC they're one of my sister's bias groups...her first love in fact. So when danger came out I was hesitant to check it out but I had to and I'm so glad I did.... 13. Taeyang x GD __ Good Boy There are no words. @MattK95
@jiggzy19 I know what you mean lol. I fangirled making this list even though I've heard these songs a bajillion times. These songs just do things to me. ((┌|o^▽^o|┘))♪
Aiyah!! I was totally fangirling just reading your list!!!!! I love it!! I can't wait to see what will be next! :)
@christy Thank you :) M.I.B is one of my fave groups as well. They're awesome<3
woow I like MIB they are one if my favourite groups. . I like ur list alot
I feel like we are soul mates...
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