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1) Night Riding-Cool summer night 2)Love this song-Shred to it! Blitzkid - Wretched (Alternate Version): http://youtu.be/iXnfgHzd95Q 3) Took this shot on a carve on my board. 4) Shot my shoes taking a break from riding. 5) The bae (ha! I never use that word) Gravity Sacred Grounds 45 inch Big Kick with Randal 50's 180mm (excellent for carving/cruising and still are stable enough for freeride and DH) and Gravity High Grade wheels 76mm 77a grippy grippy but slide smooth and responsive, quarter inch risers and Bones Reds bearings... and yeah it's got a kick! 6) Found this and shot it skating a side road in town. Also had a bad fall on that road, pavement was horrid. 7) Top of my board sitting in the seat next to me. 8) Cloud shots with some funky edits. 9) More clouds 10) Bone Daddy
night riding on a cool summer night, fuck yes. thankyou another person that loves that
Thanks he sang something hmmmi think it was Dem Rattlin' Bones. @GaryCampbell
Love bone daddy!!
@3rdtactical it's the best hahaha, especially on a full moon