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This portion of my playlist is the songs that awaken that emotional storm within me. 1. Swings ft Jay Park__ Fallin' This song just gets me. And the video.....he's watching himself on life support and then strangles himself. Its morbid but I think its symbolic. When you go thru pain or hurt or loss....it changes you. You become harder and wiser. In some cases you hafta "kill" the old you in order to move on. 2. Nell__ Haven This song is in English....its incredibly sad and it hit me hard. Suicide is not something I've heard discussed much in the kpop genre and I don't listen to much krock....but this is the first song that I've heard that touches on the topic....and it brought me a little bit of closure and did it in such a beautiful way. BTW the whole album that this song is on is just wonderful. And Nell in general is wonderful. 3. BTS__Let Me Know BTS' vocal line.....can we take a sec to appreciate them? We all know RapMon, Sugar, and J-Hope can rap and not only that but tear it up but the vocal line is incredibly talented as well. V's tone is gorgeous and rich....Kookie has this yearning in his voice that gets me. I've always loved Jimin's voice....his range is insane. This song is just a sad rainy night. Suga done good. 4. Rap Monster__ Too Much I love this song and the message RapMon gets across. Don't think about what the haters say....you know your story better than anybody. 5. Loco ft Crush__Hold Me Tight This song is so sweeeeeeet<3 The lyrics are just about wanting to spend some cuddle time with your bae after working all day. The hook is just something I hafta sing to. 6. G Dragon__Window I used to drive for hours with this song on repeat. It gives you the feeling of being on the edge of something that's inevitable and just kind of reveling in the beauty of being in turmoil but at the same time being calm about the whole situation. 7. Super Junior__Raining Spell for Love I'm just in love with the sound and feel of this song. I can't get enough of it. 8. Shinhwa__Hurts I love the build to the rap in this song....its just beautifully done. I've gotten lost in this song more than a few times. 9. T.O.P__Oh Mom Omgawwwwdddd when I first heard this song....I just couldn't. Its so......its just good. T.O.P's voice....I can't. 10. Exo K__Moonlight The lyrics to this song are beautiful. D.O and Baekhyun's voices.....they're just incredible. I'm partial to Bacons but that's just me. 11. Wu Yi Fan__There is a Place Tears....there were lotsa tears when I heard this song. 12. Big Bang__Blue This is one of my all time favorites. T.O.P's rap gets me....B****es come and go lol. I feel like my heart has stopped beating You and i, frozen there, after a war Trauma, that has been carved in my head Once these tears dry up, i will remember my love I’m neither painful nor lonely Happiness is all self-talk I can’t stand something more complicated It’s no big deal, i don’t care Inevitable wandering, people come and go @MattK95
you're welcome @christy :) Thank you @cassandratomas7 I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
Oh Mom I love that song!! Let Me Know is gonna be on my list too I can't help but turn the volume up!
Haven't listened to t.o.p oh mom for a long time Love all the songs you posted :-)
Most of this songs first time to me to listen. Thanks for sharing
Oh mom is one of those songs where I find myself repeating it three or four times before moving on to another song :)
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