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Starting from left to right: Arbiter DK, Arbiter KT, Apex 37 DiamondDrop, Freeride 41, ...Lost Mayhem (dont know the name) , a Sector 9 (dont know the name), my custom made slamboard (made by me) and my skate deck (never used but custom painted by me) If you have a question on the setup comment.
Its REALLY easy to Ollie if you can. I really havent tried any flip tricks on it, but I can see the possibility of flip tricks for days, the board is really light @AlbertDeCastro
I love originals boards, the dk is probably my favorite because of the versatility of the board. They definitely are some good boards to me, id recommend them to anyone looking for a board. They all have pros and cons like any board would but they sure do impress.
Eh i dont feel too locked in with sliding as i would riding the freeride, but its decent id say.
I've heard it's not good for sliding what do you think?
Its honestly one of my favorite, light and easy to throw around. its a great board!
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