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Starting from left to right: Arbiter DK, Arbiter KT, Apex 37 DiamondDrop, Freeride 41, ...Lost Mayhem (dont know the name) , a Sector 9 (dont know the name), my custom made slamboard (made by me) and my skate deck (never used but custom painted by me) If you have a question on the setup comment.
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Do you ollie and do fliptricks on the apex? I loved their promo vid for it but I dunno if it's trickier than they make it look.
Its REALLY easy to Ollie if you can. I really havent tried any flip tricks on it, but I can see the possibility of flip tricks for days, the board is really light @AlbertDeCastro
Nice! I'm still a little new to longboarding but I can street skate so I want a double drop that I can goof off on or emergency ollie if I have to. Dope quiver!
Thanks man! appreciate it! @AlbertDeCastro
How's the arbiter Dk ?