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It's a tale,written across the flakes scattered around..   "Once there was a little cottage,somewhere in the middle of nowhere.. On an snowy morning, still somewhere in the middle of a lost december.. A day in my fading memory,which I shall still try and remember.. A blizzard raged, though days ten and nights nine.. And there wasn't the slightest hint of day light The world ceased to exist past those frigid cliffs.. And darkness descended upon the white terrain.. Vilely carried across by the snarling,whispering, freezing wind.. I had given away my hopes of life,even a pleasant death.. I wondered if I could find peace,alone in my icy grave.. In that moment,drowned in an eerie scream.. The windows flung open.. The abominable snow monster,with all its ferocity Crashed right through my castle's gate.. But then I saw..a hint of blurry red.. holding a tender touch of life, of an origin strange The Frozen blossom.. Standing firm against the tides of frost.. My frozen blossom,and her young heart. As I closed the window, I had one final glance.. She was a figment of color, lost in the grey world The night melted as the fire burnt And I shivered as she shriveled.. The  next morning, as I woke, alive and breathing.. The storm had ceased..I rushed past the wooden gates, and there she lied Some black petals scattered over the snowy white.."   Though now, ages have passed, and the seasons changed.. Memories of a freezing night, and my frozen blossom.. continue to live in me. © Debanka Chanda
@hikaymm I was just bored of my writing style and wanted to trim down the sentences. Then I came across the poem "Mask" by Shel Silverstein and just loved the shorter sentences with deeper meaning and that really had a deep impact on my writing style!
@DebankaChanda Cool! I love trying to imitate or learn from the style of other writers that I enjoy in order to change up my style.
@DebankaChanda I like that you're adding these older pieces; have you noticed anything very different about the writer you then and the writer you now? It's interesting to compare!
wrote this about a year back...I hope you enjoy it. I am adding my early works on this collection just because a few of you guys have started following it. Thanks a lot for that! I promise to write more often now!