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A thousand salutations to you, my friend..please step into my garden of black roses.. A garden so well-groomed, look won’t find any gathering mosses.. please be careful, my friend..not to shed the petals.. for, even the thorns are endeared by much as their memories shrivel.. look around, my friend..the beauty of their sway in the cool morning breeze.. each black rose, smiling to the sunshine..when the gardener's breathe is on a seize.. I remember each one of them, my can ask me their story.. each of these black roses..held their own unique thrones ,for some full glory.. Beautiful..aren't they?I have watered them with my blood.. perhaps they aren't black’s just my blood, turned dark.. move around, my friend..the most precious rose is yet to be seen.. the the heart of my garden..gentle..lying in a bed of forever green.. a rose, pitch black..darker than the moonless night.. a smell, intoxicatingly can hallucinate your sight.. look carefully, my friend..the solitary beauty, standing firm, without a stain.. the first ever rose..which adorned my garden, made it beautiful in the rain.. Those days are fresh..when I had groomed it, with the most precise care.. seems like a lifetime back..the once, sunny days replaced by a cold,damp air.. thanks for this little walk,my friend..I owe you a favour.. maybe someday you will's too difficult to walk alone, on these burning stones.. maybe along this garden road or along this life's river.. © Debanka Chanda
@ Everyone..please do consider sharing this, just in case some more people come across these poems
I think your style has changed a lot, but I like this, too! Looking forward to see how else you'll change in the future :)
love it soooo deep thanks for sharing :-) ♥ keep it up please :-)
Something from my past.. one of my earliest poems.. written way back in 2011. As you may see, my writing style was kinda different back then! hope you all like it!
Wow..I didn't expect this poem to be getting these many likes..Thanks everybody!