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Well the ice is about 5" thick here in central Iowa and the fishing is going strong . only problem is the sun and no snow cover . Makes for a long day . Going to stay late and try the night bite and see if things pick up . Tight lines my friends enjoy the fishing
@BrianMcNeeley, don't worry, man. Most of my catches look like that lol. And yeah, that would work; I wouldn't suggest fishing for a Jewish with a 4lb test line, though lol. It really depends on what you're fishing for, man. As, I've said, we have all sorts of fish here lol. There's even some nice river ones like the tilapia, bay snook, and such.
@yakwithalan, there are variety of fish here. There are snappers, groupers, baracudas, all sorts of fish.
@EdwardIreland I would love to . What would it be like using a kayak ? LOL . Also do u think 3 or 4 pounds test line would be strong enough ? lol on the real . I would love to be able to do some of the fishing u and others get to enjoy. It always amazes me when I see some of the fish u guess post . Then I post my crappie which don't even come close to urs . These r the main targeted fish here in The Midwest. Well tight line my friend and chat later .
@EdwardIreland What might we find there?
You should take a fishing trip to Belize, man.
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