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Can you miss a rose you have never smelled? Smell of the water? Softness of your skin, Foolish acts of you, Silence when we are alone, I miss all of them. I miss you. Without you, in my dreams I love missing you When you belong to someone else I live with earthquakes, No one comes to rescue. Hurricanes hit, With endless winds. Go to war, I can never win. Without you, in your nature I love missing you When I belong to someone else I'm looking for you in her. Touching her hairs, Pattig your head. On her lips, Tasting you. In her eyes, Diving in you. Without you, with her I love missing you. In spring with blooms I am a bee looking for you. In summer at sea I am a fish looking for you In autumn with the falling leaves I am an immigrant bird looking for you When winter draws near, Icy gusts rattle your shutters, I am the fire in your fireplace looking for you. Without you I love missing you
Oh this is beautiful
This is really, really nice. I love the repetition of "I love missing you." I also appreciate that while it's first introduction in stanza 1 was rhymed, you didn't let a rhyme scheme force you into one phrase or anything. Instead, this feels very natural and true. Also, great imagery!