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Exclusive Jang Hyuk pics!!! Going to meet Han Jin Min
My phone almost fell from my hand when I saw Jang Hyuk!! His smile just made my day, week, month, year!!! (dont tell my bf) XD!!! I can't believe he is going to meet Han Jin Min right now. They are at this place beneath cafe shooting a makeup ad.
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oh my god so u actually there?? like i just saw Han jimin around that area!! omg if only i had no work i would be stalking both of them too!!
yea i was shaking so much that I dont know how i didn't just drop my phone. I think thats why he was smiling XD!
Yea I was jumping up and down hitting the window so he would look at me. I think he thinks im crazy lol
What a nice picture of Jang Hyuk ssi. His smile makes me smile. Kamsahamnida, Lili