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Eat Your Kimchi has never had the best relationship with Kpop fans. Even though they have a huge fandom behind them, each video they make seems to send them higher and higher on every Kpopper's enemy list. They fact that they tweeted "I don't know why I'm still surprised at how overwhelmingly vitriolic, hateful, and unhealthy kpop fans can be." When their entire fanbase is made up of those same kpop fans made me really upset. This past week, they announced their annual Kpop Awards where they continue to have categories like 'Worst English' even though every year someone tells them that calling K-Idols out on their English is the stupidest thing they could ever do (considering EYK can't speak Korean even though they've lived in Seoul for 6 years...) Here is a list of some of the reasons they are getting serious hate (taken from Tumblr) - They bash idol groups even though they make money out of their fandoms and even build their studio out of donations. - They call idols names one example is when they called Hyuna slutty. - Have lived in South Korea for what? 6 years? Know only basic korean and then have the guts to rate idols english. - They never care to do proper research yet talk as if they know everything about groups, korean culture and norms. - I saw on twitter that Simon ranted about BTS’s leaders stage name "Rap Monster" because he is apparently a true hip hoper and that name is an embarrassment for hip hop. I’m sorry but if he really was a fan of hip hop he’ll know how common “embarrassing” names like Rap Monster are and I’m not even a fan of hip hop. Just to name some 50 cent, Pitbull, Ice Cube, Lil Wayne, Snopp Dogg etc. - They made a rant video about Teen Top’s music video and song “No more perfume on you” going on and on how bad cheating is, making Teen Top seem like the biggest jerks ever when they had no say in the production of the song and music video whatsoever. While they praised Gary's music video “Shower Later” that showcased females as objects and was ridiculously sexist. - They bashed B.A.P for crying in their mv’s and called them “bitch ass pussies”. I can’t understand why someone would bash HUMANS for trying to portray the feelings and emotions of their songs not to mention they used a female body part as a swearword. Just beyond what I can deal with. I'd love to hear your opinions. I used to find their Kpop Music Mondays funny back in 2010/2011 but now they just make me angry. What changed?!
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I just wish they had stuck to harmless funny instead of turning this into a business :/
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Some people. Clearly they need some tissues for their issues. Or something. 😪
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Looks like the popularity went through their head
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I wish I could remember now what it was... But I didn't mind them when I first got into Kpop 2 years ago. I actually found them funny. But something they said about a group really pissed me off and hurt me and my friends feelings. Ever since then I've refused to watch any of their videos or do anything that involves them... And after getting on Twitter I've found that their really isn't a lot of kpop fans who like them.
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I think everyone is just butthurt.
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