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I almost didn't believe what I saw when I first watched this video. First, this guy makes a mistake by sitting his rod down on the side of the boat with his lure still in the water, and it (not really surprisingly) gets pulled in the water. Now, this is the point where a lot of guys might give up. Call it a loss. Stomp around the boat for a bit feeling glum. Not this guy: instead, he runs back and forth over the bottom in the area it went in, and he manages to hook up and reel in his lost rod! I might have thought "wtf" at the guy losing his rod int he first place, but am seriously impressed with the determination to get it back! Ever had anything like this happen to you?
Lake Powell my friend lost her dad's new rod the night before. the next morning our dad's see something shiny in the water so they send my older brother in after it. he came to the surface while reeling in a 20 inch catfish.
Yes , Both on land and in a boat . only got one back . The one when I was in a boat in a small lake and the water was crystal clear in about 15 feet of water . I could see it on the bottom and used a snagging hook on a nylon rope to get it back . lol This video is pretty close to what to me and how I got mine back . lol
@KawikaAfelin That's quite a story. It's too bad you lost the fish, but you got the rod back, right'? So that's at least good!!! @JEBAWAMBAM Wow. I always wonder what happens to those fish that can't get off the hooks, and no one catches that rod and reels it back....
yup, sitting on the bank with a make shift rod holder, big boy king hits my line, rips my pole out of the holder and I watch it sink in to the river. I kind of just sit there moping, and then the guy to the right of me gets a "bite", fights it for a minute and pulls my rod out with the fish still hooked. I promptly grab it and try to fight the behemoth and wound up losing it to a tree.All this because I locked my self out of my truck and had to wait for a backup key.....
@BrianMcNeeley That's awesome lol I've never been so lucky.