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Name: Lee Hyunwoo (이현우) DOB: March 23, 1993 Dramas: To the Beautiful You, Queen Seondeok, Master of Study Movies: Secretly, Greatly (2013) Instagram: Lee Hyun-woo started as a child actor, with roles in a number of large-scale productions, such as The Legend, King Sejong the Great, The Return of Iljimae, and Queen Seondeok. Hyunwoo took to the stage for the 2010 musical production of Footloose, where he played the leading role of Ren! I'd love to see footage of his performance! His breakthrough continued when he landed a major role in 2013 box office hit Secretly, Greatly, an action-comedy film in which he played a North Korean undercover spy disguised as a high school boy (It's an amazing movie - please watch it!) He also was in AKMU's music video for 'I Love You' :)
I LOVE HIM TOO! His role in Secretly Greatly was so intense. (I'm a little scared of him now...) But his new movie with Kim Woobin is coming to America in two weeks. I'm so excitedddd.
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I totally didn't expect Secretly, Greatly to be as sad as it was - I wanted a comedy!! Hyunwoo did an amazing job!
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He is also in the new action movie with Kim woo bin Technician I think that's the name
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