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Got all the parts for my HDSLR camera and can't wait to use it! What do most of you use?
IPod touch with only a front facing camera. A friend has a gopro and the same camera you have, so we'll probably film some stuff on it in the near future.
I've had the pleasure of shooting a friend's Canon 5d Mark III, but I' don't have one of my own. It's quite the price investment and honestly I like to be the one skating not the one filming!
Hahaha @ApolloSkating it's pretty bad and I've already posted some here. If you scroll through my posts long enough you'll see em.
well I try to catch a few so I can remember the day or have something to post but they've not been what I envisioned in my head lol
@drlizardo I agree with you I'd rather be boarding than taking pics and videos but at the end of the day I still wish I'd done more with capturing some of the stoke & steez.
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